Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care offer support groups

Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care offer the following support groups free of charge to cancer patients and their caregivers. The following support groups will take place during the month of July and are offered at either Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care, 206 Mill Road in Fairhaven or Southcoast Centers for Cancer, 506 Prospect St. in Fall River.

For details on any support group, contact Linda Casey, LICSW, at 508-973-3000 for Fairhaven groups, or Susan Domingue, LICSW, at 508-973-7810 for Fall River groups.

Breast Cancer Support Group East
For patients with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Support Group West
Fall River
For patients with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Colorectal Support Group
Fall River
For patients with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Introductions East
A support group for patients with any cancer diagnosis, who are beginning treatment or in active treatment. Loved ones are encouraged to attend.

Lung Cancer Support Group
Fall River
A support group specifically for patients with a lung cancer diagnosis.

Post-Treatment Group
A support group for patients with any cancer diagnosis, who are no longer in active treatment.

Support for Supporters
Fall River
A support group for caregivers of patients with cancer.

Under 50 Breast Cancer Support Group
For women under 50 with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Source: http://www.heraldnews.com/newsnow/x606640587/Southcoast-Centers-for-Cancer-Care-offer-support-groups?rssfeed=true

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Green Hope girls soccer coach charged with exploitation of minor

The head coach of the Green Hope High School girls soccer team was charged with possession of child porn.

Cary Police arrested Robert Peterson, 43, early Saturday morning at his home on Tarbert Court.

Peterson is charged with six counts of third degree exploitation of a minor. He was released on a $50,000 secured bond. When WNCN visited his home Sunday, we were told "no comment".

Police say the charges are not related to an inappropriate relationship with a student. The charge stems from possession of child pornography.

The Green Hope girls soccer team?won the North Carolina High School Athletic Association 4A state championship in May.

The Falcons finished the season undefeated and ranked number one in the nation.

According to the school's website, Peterson also teaches social studies at Green Hope.

WNCN spoke with some of?Peterson's former students Sunday night, who said the news had quickly spread among young people in the area, and they expressed shock and disbelief. One former student of his saying, he taught law, which made his arrest even more hard to believe.

Stella Shelton,?with the?Wake County Public School System, said Peterson has worked at Green Hope since August 2001, and has been suspended with pay.

Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/52474195/ns/local_news-raleigh_nc/

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas heading to New Hampshire

BOSTON (AP) ? Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is heading to New Hampshire as part of a summer swing through early voting states on the presidential calendar.

The freshman senator, a tea party favorite thought to be weighing a 2016 presidential bid, is scheduled to headline an Aug. 23 fundraiser for the New Hampshire GOP.

The trip represents Cruz's first visit to New Hampshire, which is expected to host the nation's first presidential primary. He has already visited South Carolina and has summer stops planned for Iowa and Florida.

The 42-year-old senator began serving his first Senate term in January.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/sen-ted-cruz-texas-heading-hampshire-050649475.html

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An injured Mariah Carey performs at MLB-Sandy show

NEW YORK (AP) ? Mariah Carey has a new accessory: the stylish sling supporting her injured shoulder.

The pop diva performed in a fashionable sling that matched her shimmering white dress on Central Park's Great Lawn on Saturday night for the 2013 MLB All-Star Charity Concert. It was for the benefit of Superstorm Sandy victims.

She asked the crowd: "We like it?"

The 43-year-old went to the hospital Sunday after dislocating her shoulder while filming a music video. She told the crowd Saturday she "was in a tiny bit of pain, but I'm OK."

Carey performed four songs ? which sounded live ? with the New York Philharmonic. Her recent performances at the BET Awards and on "American Idol" have been criticized as Carey appeared to lip sync. She kicked off the four-song concert with "My All" ? full of breathy riffs ? and added a white fur to her sling when she sang "Looking In."

"I'm not in the best of health," she said. "I'm filming this for my own self for incredible laughs."

Carey added that she was humbled to perform at a benefit for Sandy victims. Major League Baseball made a $1 million donation for Sandy relief efforts.

The singer appeared in a black dress when she returned to perform two songs; she also had a feathery black sling to match her outfit.

Randy Jackson played guitar when Carey sang "#Beautiful" and a choir joined the singer when she closed her set with "Hero."

The wife and daughter of MLB legend Jackie Robinson, Rachel and Sharon Robinson, were in the crowd Saturday and earned a roaring cheer from the crowd.






Follow Mesfin Fekadu on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MusicMesfin

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/injured-mariah-carey-performs-mlb-sandy-show-030009020.html

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Spain's opposition leaders call on Rajoy to resign

MADRID (AP) ? Spain's opposition leaders have urged Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to resign after a newspaper published what it says is evidence that he allegedly received slush-fund payments while serving in a previous government.

A scandal over such alleged secret payments has already shaken Rajoy's party and dented its popularity ratings.

Sunday's El Mundo report contains what it calls further proof that Rajoy knew of illegal financing within his party by jailed former treasurer Luis Barcenas. The paper published what it identified as mobile phone messages between Rajoy and Barcenas.

Spaniards are currently coping with harsh austerity measures and tough economic reforms designed to reduce the country's debt.

The battered economy has been hit by recession and unemployment that has soared to 27.2 percent.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/spains-opposition-leaders-call-rajoy-resign-134557374.html

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Connection Problem with Windows 8

Connection Problem with Windows 8

So I have recently bought civilization 4 with the beyond the sword expansion pack from steam. Everything runs very smoothly except when I want to play online. When I try to join my friends game or when i try to host a game, i get stuck in the contacting host screen and after a bit i will get a message saying connection to host timed out. This is very strange because it only happens to two of my friends. However if i were to join a game with another one of my friends i am able to join his game and he mine, but the other two friends wouldn't be able to join our game. So i spent sometimes reading the forums and i turned off all my firewalls. I use a windows 8 acer cpu with norton as my internet protection. Nothing has worked. Please tell me what i can do since i am using windows 8 alot of properties of windows 7 doesnt work with my cpu.

Source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=501314&goto=newpost

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guilty: Russian court passes verdict on dead lawyer at center of row with the West

Sergei Magnitsky died in prison after uncovering evidence of a $230 million tax scam by officials.

By Fred Weir,?Correspondent / July 11, 2013

A cameraman films an empty defendant's bench in a courtroom in Moscow today. Russian news agencies say a court in Moscow has found dead lawyer and whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky guilty of tax evasion.

Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP


A mild-mannered corporate lawyer who's been dead for almost four years was found guilty of tax evasion in a Moscow court today.

Skip to next paragraph Fred Weir


Fred Weir has been the Monitor's Moscow correspondent, covering Russia and the former Soviet Union, since 1998.?

Recent posts

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The posthumous trial of Sergei Magnitsky, who testified about a $230 million tax scam by high officials and then found himself arrested by the same police officers he had accused, had become for many people around the world a symbol of just how strange ? and often, scary ? a place Russia has become during the third Kremlin term of Vladimir Putin.

The vast gulf of disagreement between Russia and the West over the Magnitsky case has been, perhaps, the single most painful aggravating factor in the worst diplomatic chill between Moscow and Washington since the end of the cold war.

Mr. Magnitsky died under suspicious circumstances, after allegedly being beaten in a Moscow pre-trial detention center in November 2009, about a year after his arrest.

The Russian government has come under intense criticism for allegedly bending Russian laws in order to stage the nearly unprecedented trial of a dead man, appointing defense lawyers against the wishes of Magnitsky's family ? who refused to participate in the process ? and allowing the case against him to be shaped by officials who are implicated in the corruption scandal that Magnitsky uncovered.

Critics also allege that the trial was staged in a bid to deflect international outrage over Magnitsky's fate, including a US law, known as the Magnitsky Act, which levels strict visa and financial sanctions against a list of Russian officials accused of involvement in Magnitsky's death and other alleged human rights violations.

Russia's incandescent response to the Magnitsky Act was to pass its own tit-for-tat law, the Dima Yakovlev Act, which, among other things, banned adoptions of Russian orphans by US citizens.

So there was little surprise when Moscow's Tverskoi District Court found Magnitsky guilty Thursday, and sentenced his exiled co-defendant, Hermitage Capital CEO Bill Browder to 9 years in prison in absentia ? everything prosecutors had asked for.

"I never doubted this would be the verdict. I do not believe he was guilty. I know he did not commit any crime, and there was no proof to the contrary," the official RIA-Novosti agency quoted Magnitsky's lawyer, Dmitry Kharitonov, as saying.

Magnitsky's 2009 death prompted his employer, Mr. Browder, whose Hermitage Capital was once the biggest foreign investor in Russia, to bankroll an extensive investigation into the corruption case that Magnitsky uncovered and the conditions that led to his death. That investigation, available online, along with a subsequent report by the Kremlin's own in-house human rights commission concluded that Magnitsky was framed by corrupt Russian police, tax, and government officials, denied medical care in jail, and probably beaten to death in a holding cell ? while an ambulance was forced to wait outside the prison for an hour ? by investigators who were trying to force a confession from him.

The Kremlin's Investigative Committee, Russia's highest police body, has apparently never looked into Magnitsky's original allegations, which pointed to a high-level conspiracy to defraud the Russian state treasury of $230 million in taxes paid by Hermitage companies in 2006. Instead, the same officials he had named had Magnitsky arrested and charged with tax evasion.

According to Browder's investigation, much of the stolen money has since turned up in Western banks or in the form of expensive foreign properties purchased by the very same police and tax officials Magnitsky had accused.

But the Investigative Committee closed its probe into Magnitsky's death in March with the conclusion that no crimes had been committed by Russian officials or police in the way they handled the case.

Prosecutors alleged ? and won conviction Thursday ? on the charge that Magnitsky and Browder manipulated Hermitage's tax returns to embezzle millions of dollars from the state in 2007. Though it's not completely clear, this does not appear to be even related to the tax scam that Magnitsky blew the whistle on. Prosecutors also claimed that Browder was guilty of illegally purchasing shares of the state-owned natural gas monopoly Gazprom early in the decade, when foreigners were restricted from investing in the company.

"The worst part of today's verdict is the malicious pain that the Russian government is ready to inflict on the grieving family of a man who was killed for standing up to government corruption and police abuse," Browder said in a statement Thursday.

"The desperation behind this move shows the lengths that Putin is ready to go any to retaliate against anyone who expose the stealing and corruption he presides over. When the Putin regime ultimately falls, future generations of Russians will be naming streets and monuments after Sergei Magnitsky for his heroism and sacrifice," he added.

Source: http://rss.csmonitor.com/~r/csmonitor/globalnews/~3/Qa-PYFiG680/Guilty-Russian-court-passes-verdict-on-dead-lawyer-at-center-of-row-with-the-West

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Individual atoms imaged in a living catalytic reaction

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Groundbreaking new electron microscopy technology is allowing researchers to observe and analyze single atoms, small clusters and nanoparticles in dynamic in-situ experiments for the first time.

Source: http://feeds.sciencedaily.com/~r/sciencedaily/top_news/top_science/~3/rc3eJRKM6gA/130712084341.htm

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B&O Play's Corporate VP Henrik Taudorf Lorensen on Path and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

B&O Play's Corporate VP Henrik Taudorf Lorensen on Path and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Every week, a new and interesting human being tackles our decidedly geeky take on the Proustian Q&A. This is the Engadget Questionnaire.

In this installment of our regular session of inquiry, B&O Play's Corporate Vice President Henrik Taudof Lorensen discusses the focused Path and face-to-face connectivity. Meet us on the other side of the break to peruse the full lot of answers.

Filed under:


Source: Distro Issue 98

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/12/engadget-questionnaire-bando-play-henrik-taudorf-lorensen/?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=Feed_Classic&utm_campaign=Engadget

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London needs emergency action to tackle air pollution, mayor is told

Boris Johnson is failing to act to improve air quality in the capital, campaigners claimed yesterday, as the Mayor of London?s environmental advisers faced questions about plans to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from Central London during office hours.

Mr Johnson wants to create the world?s first ultra-low emissions zone in 2020, when all petrol and diesel cars, buses, taxis and lorries would be barred from entering the city at peak times.

Transport for London has launched a feasibility study for introducing the ban on all but zero or low-emission vehicles but after an update from his adviser, Matthew Pencharz,

Source: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/environment/article3814567.ece

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4 Brand Lessons You Can't Afford to Miss ? Amanda Miller Littlejohn ...

For the past six years, I?ve been working with businesses and national organizations ? cooking up public relations and social media campaigns?through my company Mopwater Social PR.


But one thing that?s always troubled me was how many amazing small business owners and solopreneurs I meet who need those same public relations strategies but are in no position to shell out thousands of dollars monthly on a PR retainer.

So back in 2011, I had an aha moment. Why not work with these same small business owners in a highly strategic way without the billable hours associated with implementation?

My Brand Coaching was born.

I started offering personal brand coaching not only in response to a need, but also in full service to my own passion. You see, while I love my work at Mopwater Social, for me there?s nothing like seeing the individual business owner get out there win.


We?re now officially at the halfway point of 2013 and I hope you?ve made good on your goals for this year. But if one of those goals was to get out there with your business, and you haven?t yet made good on it, I?ve cooked up something special JUST FOR YOU.


I?ve pulled out my most powerful personal branding and public relations strategies ? the ones I suggest most often to brand coaching clients. I?ve pulled them together into a 4 week course designed to help you make a name for yourself, get you off the sidelines and into the arena. Think 6 months worth of PR strategy packed into four weeks. The four trainings will cover:

  • Pinpointing and showcasing your unique selling proposition ? what makes you and your brand different and special
  • Your media and public speaking opportunities
  • Your business development strategy
  • Your service niche

I?m so excited ? it?s gonna be AMAZING!

For all of the info, visit the event page.?The class starts Tuesday, July 16 and is limited to 30 people, and there are only 18 15?spots left, so if you know you want in ? don?t wait!

See you in class!

Source: http://www.amandamillerlittlejohn.com/4-brand-lessons-you-cant-afford-to-miss/

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Members of the Federal Reserve board in Washington, at a glance

Elizabeth Duke announced Thursday that she will step down from the Federal Reserve's board in Washington at the end of August.

She is one of seven board members. Each member is nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. A term on the board lasts 14 years, although members can leave before it ends. When that happens, the president chooses a replacement to fulfill the final years of the term.

Duke has been on the board since August 2008. Her term officially ended in January of 2012, but board members can remain until someone is chosen to replace them.

Here are the members of the board:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen

Elizabeth A. Duke

Daniel K. Tarullo

Sarah Bloom Raskin

Jeremy C. Stein

Jerome H. Powell

Source: http://www.startribune.com/politics/national/215097881.html

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How Typography Moved from the Paper to the Screen

Typography is something most of us see almost everyday but only few of us really pay attention to the details. It's all around us that it's sometime easy to gloss over. This lovely little animation describes its importance and how we've had our fun with it, first by showing the basic rules of typesetting and then transitioning to how typography has evolved in movies.

Called From Paper to Screen and made by graphic designer Thibault de Fournas, it's a cute animation that cleverly dances type in front of our face. [Thibault de Fournas via Design TAXI]

Source: http://gizmodo.com/how-typography-moved-from-the-paper-to-the-screen-750068756

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

PS4: will GTA V affect sales of Sony's next-gen console?

  • Posted July 11th, 2013 at 08:38 EDT by Mike Harradence

Industry analysts remain divided as to whether or not sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be impeded by the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

Jesse Divnich, analyst with EEDAR, told Game Informer, ?PlayStation 4 and Xbox One continue to stay at the top of the charts on Amazon.com. Consumers are clearly excited for the next generation of consoles to launch. I don?t foresee one current generation game, no matter how large it is, impacting the start of the next generation of consoles.?

On the flip side, Lewis Ward of International Data Corporation reckons gamers are happy to stick by the current crop of home consoles for at least another year or so.

Said Lewis: ?A lot of gamers are going to stick by their Xbox 360s, Wii/Wii Us, and PS3s at least until the 2014 holiday season, when the game catalog will be a lot bigger and some of the online kinks will have been worked out. That also means that games like GTA V should have plenty of runway to sell well in the meantime, as long as they deliver the goods.?

Fellow analyst Billy Pidgeon also concurs, stating, ?I?d expect the game to have a positive influence on [current-gen] hardware sales, particularly when bundled with hardware by retailers. If there are concurrent price drops for Xbox 360 and PS3, that positive effect will be even stronger.?

Do you think that GTA V will affect sales of the PS4 and Xbox One? Are you holding off on getting a next-generation console until next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/PlayStationUniverse/~3/7DVvD-sfX8U/

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