Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Asia on the brink of a new missile crisis: Voice of Russia

Such was Pyongyang?s reaction to Seoul?s statement about its intention to develop ballistic missiles with a range of up to 800 kilometers and put them on combat duty.?These missiles would be able to reach any point of the DPRK territory, analyst of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the RAS Alexander Vorontsov has noted in this respect.

?This is a concrete, tangible step aimed at increasing offensive military potential of the Republic of Korea. Quite naturally, it causes anxiety and concern in Pyongyang, which has already pointed out the increasing intensity of military manoeuvres of South Korea and the United States on its borders, considering it as war preparations. The DPRK?s reaction is quite adequate. Unfortunately, there is a real basis for such a reaction.?

In order to demonstrate that North Korean missiles exist not only on paper, its military representative has even indicated the place of their deployment - Kangdong County near Pyongyang. The strategic missile headquarters is located there, and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un visited it on March 3.

It is for the first time that Pyongyang publishes such an information about its military potential, thus making it clear that it regards the new missile agreement between the US and South Korea as preparation for war. According to the previous agreement between the US and South Korea, South Korean missile flight range was limited to 300 kilometers. The revision of this agreement will destabilize the situation in the region, Alexander Vorontsov believes:

?It?s not by any chance that the United States has long hesitated whether or not to give their consent to South Korean persistent requests of possessing up to 800 kilometers range missiles. And Washington was well aware that such a sharp reaction on the part of the DPRK was inevitable.?

Washington has stricken a bargain with Seoul despite the fact that it violates the international regime of missile technologies? limitation. At present, 34 countries have acceded to this regime. They undertook to limiting the cruising radius of their missiles to 300 kilometers. By provoking a new missiles race on the Korean Peninsula, the United States is clearly playing for high stakes. By allowing Seoul to increase the range of its missiles, they made another anti-Chinese move, as the new South Korean missiles are able to reach central areas of China.

The United States has also revealed their intention of supplying the South Korean air defense system with information from American satellites and drones. And this, in fact, is another step on the way of founding the Eastern US ABM defense system. The North Korean missile threat is only an excuse for its creation. First of all, it is aimed at deterring and nulling the Chinese missile potential.


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