Monday, October 1, 2012

PM Note: Sweatshop Zinger!, Debate Camp, Envisioning an October Surprise

'Sweatshop Conditions' Zing - Obama may not be preparing any "zingers" for the debate Wednesday night, but Zing!, his new ad accusing, without any hard evidence, uses the words "sweat shop conditions" in close proximity to Romney and Bain and China. It's a doozy. More from Devin Dwyer -

Happy October! - Imagining this year's surprise with Russell Goldman - "Imagine the impact on the polls if just days before Election Day, negotiations between the president and Iran dramatically broke down, intensifying an already volatile situation and fueling rumors that his Republican challenger cut a deal with a hostile enemy power to influence the election. Would you be surprised?" Go back to 1980.

W hat we'll be watching tonight? - Warren / Brown Debate 2

What we'll be watching tomorrow? - Colbert guest-hosting GMA

Fact or Fiction? - Jonathan Karl will helm our robust debate "Fact or Fiction" operation - A taste - candidates on social security -

Debate Camp - Greg Krieg lays out the day - "President Obama and Mitt Romney are going camping. With less than 72 hours to go until Wednesday night's debate, the candidates have retreated from the campaign trail, gathering with top advisers to prepare for the first of three scheduled primetime meetings. "For Obama, this will be the final "debate camp" of a political career that's seen him move from the Illinois state house to the White House in less than five years. Now, with his first term nearing an end, he'll spend the next three days honing his case for another four years during closed sessions at a lakeside resort in Henderson, Nev., 20 miles outside of Las Vegas.

"Romney left Boston, Mass., for the Rockies this afternoon, having spent most of the morning and at least three hours Sunday being drilled by his own debate team, with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman standing in as Obama during sparring sessions. He will hold one more rally, tonight in Denver, before leaving the stump for a final round of preparations."

To the Tapes - Obama Team Studies Romney Tapes as Debate Camp Begins - President Obama convened the final debate camp of his political career here on Sunday, huddling with top advisers at a posh lakeside resort 20 miles east of the Strip for a three-day crash course on Republican rival Mitt Romney. (Devin Dwyer)

Debate Cringes Through History - If, as the Romney Folks Expect, Debates are About Moments, the ones that stick with us are often the cringe-inducing ones. From Gerald Ford's Poland brain freeze to Al Gore's sighs, here are 12 -

Meet the Australian behind viral U.S. Political Videos -

Ryan Says Obama Plan Risks U.S. Troops in Afghanistan - Shush Walshe reports that as U.S. casualties cross the grim benchmark of 2,000, Paul Ryan accuses President Obama of endangering Americans: "Paul Ryan charged today that President Obama is risking the lives of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan by making a political calculation to drawdown U.S. troops just before the election rather than listen to military commanders in the field.

"They just pulled about 22,000 troops in September, which to me is a political decision to have a draw down before the election, but we're still giving our soldiers the same mission, the same counter-insurgency mission, but we're sending fewer people out to do the same job," Ryan said. Ryan continued, saying the "politicization of these decisions is something we would never do."

"We would never put politics ahead of what our commanders say is necessary to do the job and keep our soldiers as safe as possible when they're prosecuting this war," Ryan said.

"Despite the harsh words, Ryan conceded as he has before that he agrees with the president's date of a pull out of troops by 2014. Romney and Ryan disagree with making that date public." (Shushannah Walshe)

Supreme Court Debates Whether US Courts Can Take Human Rights Cases Overseas - Hoffman appeared before the Justices last February on behalf of 12 Nigerian plaintiffs who are seeking to sue a subsidiary of Shell Petroleum for allegedly aiding and abetting human rights violations in Nigeria between 1992 and 1995. At issue was whether corporations can be held liable in U.S. courts for human rights violations allegedly committed abroad. (Ariane DeVogue) Jets Lose Again: Owner Woody Johnson Puts Romney First - New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said today he'd take a Mitt Romney victory on Election Day over a winning season for his "Gang Green" football team. (Greg Krieg)

With Congress on Break, Pols Blast Dysfunction - Despite having left Washington more than a week ago for a six-week campaign recess that lasts until after the election, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have used the legislative lull to draw attention to the stalemate in the divided Congress. (John Parkinson)

Pelosi a Zombie Leader in New Attack Ad - Nancy Pelosi's challenger John Dennis (in a re-match of a futile 2010 effort) uses a different tact - zombies. There's also a sacrificial lamb and an over-the-top impersonation of Pelosi. (Kyle Blaine)

Hackers Hit White House Computer Network - The Obama administration has confirmed a report that unidentified hackers targeted an unclassified computer network for the White House Military Office in an cyber attack last month. (Devin Dwyer)

Aurora Survivor Pushes Romney, Obama To End Gun Violence - Days before President Obama and Mitt Romney take the stage at the University of Denver for their first debate, a survivor of the deadly shooting that took place just 10 miles away in suburban Aurora, Colo., is demanding the candidates deliver more precise plans on how they'd combat gun violence. (Greg Krieg)

Spanish Language Campaign Ad Spending Lags - Courting the Hispanic vote may be an integral part of both Republicans and Democrats campaign strategies this cycle, but Spanish language ads don't appear to be a key part of their financial expenditures. (Elizabeth Hartfield) A Deep Dive into the Air War on Spanish Language - From Univision's Jordan Fabian -

More 'Fast and Furious' Guns Linked to Mexican Crimes - A new report by our partners at Univision has found additional links between violent crimes in Mexico and guns involved in the Obama administration's flawed "Fast and Furious" operation. (Jake Tapper)

Confused by the various allegations against David Rivera? Jordan Fabian has a timeline -

Arnold Schwarzenegger Undecided on Romney vs. Obama - He's still a Republican but Arnold Schwarzenegger told George Stephanopoulos he doesn't know who he will vote for in the presidential election next month.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Affair: 'Worst Thing I've Ever Done' - "It's just one of the disastrous situations I've created and the worst thing that I've ever done," former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told George Stephanopoulos.

The Man Behind the "MC 'Bama" Video - A little comic relief on our Yahoo! News/ABC News digital show (Jake Tapper)

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